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Elmont Baptist Church 
13999 FM 121 West
Van Alstyne, TX


Anna Campus
First Anna Baptist
210 W. 3rd Street 
Anna, TX 75409



Parent of Elementary Student:
"I first saw the Brain Training curriculum at the Texas Homeschool Coalition conference a few years ago.  It looked awesome and was definitely a beneficial program for my daughter.  Being that it was our first year homeschooling, I didn't purchase it but made a mental note to look into a training and/or more information for the following school year.  Fast forward a year later, while doing research on area University Model schools, I came upon KCA opening a campus just down the road from us!  As I explored their website, I was excited to see the Brain Training being offered for my daughter’s age group.  No other school offered this curriculum.  We were at a place in our family where we felt it would benefit her to learn with others and had just completed a year of intense vision therapy.  As I read more about Brain Training, we felt God leading us to enroll her in KCA.  Our hope was that she could learn tools on how to help her focus and channel her sensory needs through the Brain Training taught each morning.  Now we see her thriving at KCA and have no doubt it’s in part due to beginning each day with Brain Training.  In December, we were pleasantly surprised to get a report from her eye doctor that she needed a new prescription because her eyes had IMPROVED. Much of Brain Training is very similar to what we have experienced in past occupational therapies and vision therapy exercises.  When asked by her eye doctor about exercises we were doing at home, I had to confess that we weren't doing much of their exercises but did tell her about the Brain Training being done at her school.  She was familiar with the program and felt that it was helping my daughter’s eyesight.  So, Brain Training has exceeded our hopes for our girl and we thank God we have found such a wonderful school for our children.  The teachers and staff are truly Christ's servants and work so hard!  They use their god given talents to love and guide our children in a wonderful learning environment.  KCA has been a huge blessing to our family!"






Open Enrollment 2019-20
Earlybird: Feb. 1 - June 30
Enrollment Fee $175
Starting July 1, 2019:
Enrollment Fee $200


Re-Enrollment for 2019-20 Ends March 31, 2019


Fall Enrollment Deadline

​PreK & Kinder May, 15 2019

1st - 12th June 30, 2019


April 2019 Newsletter

Parent of HS Student:

"Finding the right educational fit for my son was a challenge. A friend from our homeschool co-op suggested I look into this new university model school in Van Alstyne. After attending a family information meeting, I visited with Karen and Cindy and realized that just as God meets me where I am, these teachers will meet my son where he is! Six weeks into the school year, I now have a confident, joyful son, who loves Jesus with his whole heart. It's as if God created KCA for the sole purpose of my son!"

Parent of Elementary Student:
"I can't say enough positive things about Kingdom Country Academy. My daughter has improved immensely thanks to the teaching techniques, and above all their concern and attention for my daughter. The teachers are very spiritual and impart God's word in a way that my daughter has a deep understanding. The head of school and teachers here truly love what they do and it's all about serving the Lord and growing up the students to love Him as well.

The teachers and staff of Kingdom Country Academy work together to provide a God-honoring education for all of the children here."


"In my everyday life, brain training has changed the way I think, walk and talk. Going into this school I was very intrigued about this class. Since the school year has started I have been noticing a huge difference in my coordination and in my mental acuity. Academically, my grades have improved as a result of my ability to focus and retain information. My teacher, Mrs. Cindy Stephens, has been working closely with me. As a teacher, she has zeroed in on my weakness and helped me slow down to think about how I learn. We have already seen improvement! Brain Training is one of the best classes I have ever been in."